Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alle Fine Jewelry Focuses on Sea Gems

There are many people who enjoy water. They love drinking it, washing in it, cooking and baking with it, and playing in it. In addition, many people love jewelry. It could be the case that people love water because it is cool and refreshing both play in and use on a daily basis. However, did you know that water and jewelry go together nicely? It could be the case that people aren’t aware of the connection between water and jewelry. This connection comes from the fact that some gemstones come directly from the sea. In addition, Alle fine jewelry focuses on sea gems.

Pearl Jewelry
The sea has produced some beautiful gemstones such as pearls and opals. In addition, Alle fine jewelry has a wide selection of peals and some exquisite opals gemstone pieces. Plus, this jewelry store online gives its customers a gemstone education that customers will greatly appreciate. Let’s discuss different types of pearls.

Pearls come from the sea. Moreover, pearls are created from oysters. People know about pearls; however, they might not know the different types of pearls that are available for them to purchase. It might be interesting to note that if you are looking for a classic look in pearls then, it is advised that you purchase Akoya pearls. Did you know that the Japanese Akoya pearls are the most popular cultured pearls? This type of creamy and dreamy pearls is used to create pearl strands or pearl earrings. A cultured pearl is a pearl that is grown in nature with the help of human beings. This patented process involves inserting an irritant into an oyster. In response to the irritation, the oyster coats the object with nacre.

Nacre is a smooth and crystalline substance that surrounds the object and forms layers to protect the oyster’s inner tissue. Did you know that an oyster’s inner tissue is called the mantel? The result of this process produces the gem that we know as a pearl. There are also South Seas, Tahitian, freshwater, and mabe pearls. There are also yummy chocolate pearls. Chocolate pearls are created from Japanese Akoya pearls. In addition to the types of pearls that customers can purchase, Alle fine jewelry will discuss the characteristics of pearls.

Pearls come in many colors. The major color classifications of pearls are white, pink, silver, cream, gold, and black. It is important to remember that you should look for pearls with a deep rich color that seems to come from within the gem. Moreover, it is critical to remember that the pearls in any strand or piece of jewelry be evenly matched in terms of size, shape, color, and luster. Visible variations of these qualities not only affect the piece’s beauty but its value as well. In addition, to pearls, Alle fine jewelry has another sea gem. This sea gem is the opal. Customers can buy an Australian opal starfish. Did you know that the opal is the national gemstone of Australia?  Alle fine jewelry is about sea gems.