Sunday, May 03, 2009

All About Acquiring Antique Ruby Rings

There has been a surge in popularity of antique jewelry, in particular antique ruby rings. Ornate styles and large stones in delicately crafted designs unlike that of modern jewelers is finding appeal with today's young people. Some people are discovering antique ruby rings by accident in the form of family heirlooms handed down, while others might stumble across them unexpectedly while shopping. Whatever one's reason for collecting and wearing antique ruby rings, there is a lot a collector needs to know on the subject.

Antique Style Ruby Ring

There has been a recent surge in the collection of antique jewelry. Some jewelry makers have even tried to model new pieces after antique ones as a nod to antique jewelry trends. Collectors are seeking the pieces for their personal collections, as are people who are finding appeal in the different style of an era that has long past. Recent trends in jewelry were for sleek, simple styles up until a few years ago. Then, there was a focus on antique jewelry. Antique jewelry tended to be a bit more ornate, complicated, delicate, and individual. This has high appeal to a generation that seeks to be different while looking back at generations past for inspiration also. Jewelry and fashion have not been exceptions.

Antique Style Diamond Ruby Ring

Antique ruby rings were often varied in size. Stones were either one large stone or the design was comprised of several smaller ones to create the illusion of a large stone, a design, or sometimes even something as complicated as the appearance of an animal. Most jewelry made today is not this ornate and complicated, and one reason why collectors search for pieces tirelessly. Jewelry made in the past was also made differently, by hand, so each piece is slightly different and slight variances should be expected. Gold content at the time many rings were made was higher, so antique rings might bend easier, a word of caution to collectors and antique ring wearers.

What does a collector need to know about collecting and acquiring antique ruby rings? First, knowing where to get antique ruby rings without having to question the quality or authenticity of the item is important. A collector should consider jewelry books as a wise investment. Sources such as antique shops, reputable jewelers, and auctions are all good sources when buying antique ruby rings. Sometimes a collector can find a good deal at a yard sale or an auction, something to keep in mind after becoming a bit on the knowledgeable side. Knowing a good bit about different cuts of stones, gold quality and strengths, and how to properly care for and store antique ruby rings as well as how to wear them without harming them are all vital pieces of information for a collector.

Gold Ruby Ring

Antique ruby rings may not all have the same consistent red color. Some rings may have darker stones than others depending on how previous owners cared for them, how they were stored, or even the initial stone they were cut from when the piece of jewelry was created. Since a ruby is a naturally occurring stone, variations in color are natural also. The only time a ruby collection should be consistent in color is if it is one that is all lab created ruby stones. For care of stones, using a gentle cleaner, or making one yourself out of pure baking soda and a toothbrush, can be best for care of these semiprecious stones.