Sunday, May 03, 2009

A brief guide to diamond and sapphire rings

Diamond and sapphire rings have been part of lore and legend in many countries. You can find many historical references pointing out their importance even centuries ago. The reason for the popularity of diamond and sapphire rings can be explained by the fact that both these metals are precious and very rare metals. This also explains the exorbitant prices of diamond and sapphire rings. Although they cost a lot, people still hanker after possessing them. Celebrities are the ones who have made them famous. These rings project a kind of image, that of sophistication and success, which is difficult to project wearing any other type of ring.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Diamond and sapphire rings have been popular since times immemorial now. Right from the days of kings and emperors you can find instances of diamond and sapphire rings in existence. In fact many historical references point out to instances when wars have been waged over their precious gemstones. Diamonds and sapphires are among the most expensive gemstones. Mankind has always been fascinated with them. Both men and women find jewelry, especially rings made from them bewitching. Although expensive there are people who will go to any extent to own diamond and sapphire rings.

Gone are the days when diamonds were considered only a girl’s best friend. Nowadays you can find even men wearing diamond rings and diamond jewelry. A lot of this has got to do with the celebrity culture. Many top pop stars and sports stars are known to flaunt their diamond jewelry in public making them popular jewelry items. Diamond and sapphire rings are much more than mere pieces of jewelry. They symbolize a certain power and success.

There are many who also claim that both diamond and sapphire have got healing properties. They claim that they help in detoxification and in promoting clarity and confidence. Sapphires have been for long considered gemstones which come with certain magical properties. They are believed to be also useful in treating blood related problems. Men these days are known to wear rings during occasions such as engagements and anniversaries. Diamond and sapphire rings would be perfect pieces of gift items during such occasions. Any man would love to have such gifts. In fact the same holds true for women too. Women are always fascinated by diamond and sapphire rings.

Men’s diamond rings often come in combination or studded with other metals such as platinum, white gold or stainless steel. Platinum seems to be the current flavor these days with celebrities particularly. Men’s diamond rings are also much more wider , apart from being more ornate, when compared to women’s diamond and sapphire rings. You can find diamond and sapphire rings being sold in different sizes, carats, colors and styles. The ones studded with Italian yellow gold are finding a large number of takers these days. Some of the shapes which are famous are cluster diamond rings, diagonal diamond rings and satin diamond rings.

You can shop for them at leading jewelry shops or at online jewelry shops. Diamond and sapphire rings are available in a range of styles and prices. They also make for the perfect gift items for friends or your loved ones. These have become fashion accessories that are much sought after to enhance appearance these days. You should check for aspects such as the color, cut, carats and clarity while shopping for diamond and sapphire rings.

All About Acquiring Antique Ruby Rings

There has been a surge in popularity of antique jewelry, in particular antique ruby rings. Ornate styles and large stones in delicately crafted designs unlike that of modern jewelers is finding appeal with today's young people. Some people are discovering antique ruby rings by accident in the form of family heirlooms handed down, while others might stumble across them unexpectedly while shopping. Whatever one's reason for collecting and wearing antique ruby rings, there is a lot a collector needs to know on the subject.

Antique Style Ruby Ring

There has been a recent surge in the collection of antique jewelry. Some jewelry makers have even tried to model new pieces after antique ones as a nod to antique jewelry trends. Collectors are seeking the pieces for their personal collections, as are people who are finding appeal in the different style of an era that has long past. Recent trends in jewelry were for sleek, simple styles up until a few years ago. Then, there was a focus on antique jewelry. Antique jewelry tended to be a bit more ornate, complicated, delicate, and individual. This has high appeal to a generation that seeks to be different while looking back at generations past for inspiration also. Jewelry and fashion have not been exceptions.

Antique Style Diamond Ruby Ring

Antique ruby rings were often varied in size. Stones were either one large stone or the design was comprised of several smaller ones to create the illusion of a large stone, a design, or sometimes even something as complicated as the appearance of an animal. Most jewelry made today is not this ornate and complicated, and one reason why collectors search for pieces tirelessly. Jewelry made in the past was also made differently, by hand, so each piece is slightly different and slight variances should be expected. Gold content at the time many rings were made was higher, so antique rings might bend easier, a word of caution to collectors and antique ring wearers.